Spice x Tigger

(Wind River's Hot Spice JH x Wind River's Tigger Roo SH)

03-10-08 - There are only four puppies still available from this litter: a solid liver male, a solid black male, a solid liver female and a solid black female.

Spice whelped 10 healthy puppies on January 21, 2008. There are 7 females and 3 males. The breakdown is as follows: 4 solid liver females, 3 solid black females, 2 solid black males and 1 solid liver male. As expected, this litter is SOLID. While each pup had a 25% chance of having white ticking, the genetic "roll of the dice" proved them all solid. This emphasizes the fact that, just because each puppy has a genetic probability of this gene or that gene, there is no guarantee that the litter will produce any sort of genetic "pattern" whatsoever. - Stay tuned for puppy pictures!

This breeding should produce some very solid puppies, in more ways than one. This is the first time I've done a solid to solid color breeding. Genetically speaking, because both Spice and Tigger have a white ticked parent, each puppy in the litter will end up having a 25% chance of being white ticked and a 75% chance of being either solid liver or solid black. In any regard, this litter will potentially be rock solid in the field, and conformationally sound as well. The qualities of Spice and Tigger make an excellent combination. Puppies in this litter will be sold for $1,000 each. Deposits are already coming in, so if you're interested please contact us quickly.


January 22, 2008


Pedigree of Spice & Tigger Puppies
Wind River's Tigger Roo SH
Solid Liver
VC Jacob VD Westwind MH
NAVHDA UT I | Solid Lvr
Top Prod. Hunt Test Sire 2001
Westwind's Commander Riker JH
Solid Liver
Hustler's Megan VD Westwind
OFA Excellent
Wind River's Hide-N-Seek MH
OFA Good | Lvr/Wh/Ptch/Tkd
Top Prod. Hunt Test Dam 2000 & 01
Seneca's Mickey
OFA Good | Wh/Lvr
Windriver's Holly Hock
OFA Good | Lvr/Wh/Ptch/Tkd
Wind River's Hot Spice JH
Solid Black
Snip's Cajun Cody SH
OFA Exc. | Solid Liver
CH Kitara's Cajun Connection JH
CH Walnut Creek's Babe
Wind River's Tag You're It SH
OFA Good | Blk/Wh Ticked
CH Madrone Eaux-De-Vie MH
OFA Exc. | Cardiac/Thyroid Clear
Wind River's Black Magic MH
OFA Exc. | Solid Black
Top Prod. Hunt Test Dam 2002 & 2005

Genetically speaking, for those interested, the "Ancestor Contribution Report" is as follows:

Dog Name # of Appearances % Contribution
Wind River's Hot Spice125.0000
Wind River's Tigger Roo125.0000
Wind River's Hide-N-Seek214.0625
Wind River's Tag You're It112.5000
Snip's Cajun Cody112.5000
Jacob VD Westwind112.5000
Hillhaven's Hustler37.8125
Wind River's Black Magic16.2500
Hustler's Megan VD Westwind16.2500
Westwind's Commander Riker16.2500
Madrone Eaux-De-Vie16.2500
Sundance Kid's Nathan26.2500
Walnut Creek's Babe16.2500
Kitara's Cajun Connection16.2500
Windriver's Holly Hock16.2500
Seneca's Mickey16.2500